Cajun del Maipo, day 6

To get a little bit out of the city we were suggested a trip tp Cajun del Maipo, in the valley of the Maipo river. We rented a car from, which was cheap comparing to other sites. And their office is in the city centre.


Entrance to Cascada de las Animas – a beautiful space for lodging as as well as for having dinner or just coffee or going rafting, for instance.


A chilean cowboy called huaso kindly letting me take the picture. His herd and other companions are more further away.

DSCF0885 (2)

Tinoco tunnel in Cajun del Maipo – a walk in the darkness of the spooky tunnel ends with a beautiful arcade.

DSCF0865 (2)

The river flows in the springly flowerbed of orange and yellow – a most spectacular view.

As soon as you get out of the city the scenery changes dramatically. A beautiful ride passing hotels, villages and little shops in the valley will bring you closer and closer to the Volcano and the thermal pools of Banos Morales. This time of a year unfortunately the water in the thermal pools was not suitable for bathing, that`s what they said. Anyway the scenery is most amazing, beautiful colours of the mountains make a contrast with early spring`s green creating an atmosphere of happiness. It would be great to arrive earlier in the day, since the walking track in the mountains is open only until 1 pm.


Is this el Volcano in the back?

DSCF0943 (2)

This is real, that`s what it looks like 🙂

DSCF0991 (2)

Those round buildings are quite common in the architecture of the area. Actually there are many really interesting buildings in the valley.


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