Day 7

It took about 1 hr to go from the centre of Santiago to the Centro des Artes Aerios run by company Balance. I had arranged to meet with Pablo Garrido to learn more about Chilean circus art. After kissing everyone hello in the circus I almost immediately had to start kissing everyone good-bye – so many kisses in such short time 🙂


DSCF2529The building that Pablo has designed himself together with the architects seems to be so great for aerials with all the possibilities in the world to rig. The building has problems with stability and some of the parts are not ready yet, like you have to climb to the office via 7m ladder (not completely free-standing). It is lovely to see how passionate Pablo is about his centre, his art and his school.


This Centre offers opportunity for trainings for professionals in the morning and they do classes of hobby cirus every afternoon. It is a private school even though the local government has helped to build it. The students pay about as much as in Estonia. The difference is in the schedule. We do trainings 3 times a week, El Centro des Artes Aeries and el Circo del Mundo do perhaps 1 time a week, but the weekly hours are similar.

In the afternoon I had some time for my own. The museums in Santiago are inexpensive just as many other tourist attractions. Everything we have experienced has been of good quality. Today there was a strike of museums, claiming higher salaries, so I understood. The only choice and not a bad one was to visit the Precolombian art Museum. On the lower level there is a very nice exposition of Chilean art.

DSCF1071 (2)

This kind of wooden statues have been made for thombs

In the evening we were invited to the very good restaurant Liguria by Carolina who had also invited a translator, …. from Peru. Itzi is actually el Circo del Mundos partner in a social circus project together with Circo Social del Sur of Argentine. The whole evening was great fun with really excellent food and drinks. We came to agreement that the chilean wine should better be a Carmeniere of Reserva and that pisco is actually originating from Peru. Pisco sour seems to be a traditional appetizer everywhere you go. Eero has guided me through piscos a bit and I have to say that the taste can vary really dramatically. It is basically a brandy, but necessarily doesn`t taste like one. But this pisco sour drink is truly nice regardless of the brand of Pisco. In the restaurants they first bring bread and a spicy tomato-onion-coriander sauce which I really like and I am looking forward to make and tune one of my own taste back home.

DSCF1129 (2)

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