Day 5

El Circo del Mundo is giving workshops out of Santiago and one of the places is Til Til. It took about 2 hrs to get there by public transportation – 3 metros and 1 bus, running in the meantime. As soon as the bus got out of suburbs beautiful scenery surrounded us with vineyards and olive orchards and mountains. In the back of the bus all trainers for the workshop were having fun for sure.


We arrived in a village in a beautiful valley and took a little walk. We have by now had an experience that no matter how the village looks like and what kind of life the people seem to lead, the schools and parks are a priority to the local government. A very little remote village that looks like noone lives there has always a garden in the main square, with blooming flowers.


Everywhere we have seen big modern schoolbuildings. Children`s playgrounds have all the facilities and lots of people do sports even late in the evening on well supported sportsgrounds.


The team of teachers teaches 80 kids from the school, in a big hall. I don´t know what I was expecting, but it really surprised me that the acrobatics teacher does exactly the same warm-up routine that I/we do in Folie, on the other side of the world. I would like to look into it, how does this happen. Evidently there are practicies in acrobatics that are universal and best, but still, I mean, every trainer does usually do own program in the end…


We got a tip from Nilton, one of the trainers of petit volant and acrobatics in el Circo del Mundo, that it is a must to buy olives in Til Til.


Thats a little shop to buy local olives and in addition we bought papaya honey… and that is mmm how delicious.


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