Valparaiso, day 4

It is Sunday and we took off to Valparaiso in the morning.

DSCF0641First place to visit was Pablo Nerudas house and this made the whole trip already worth it. Beautiful house, great interieur with different pieces of art to spice it.

The house of Pablo Neruda in Valparaiso

The house of Pablo Neruda in Valparaiso

The ascension takes you to the hills with less effort, those elevators really are nice addition to the city. Great, that they are renovating those old means of transport. 1 ride is 300 pesos, less than 50 cents.


An arriving ascension and a leaving American cruise ship in the harbour of Valparaiso

On top of this mountain we found the Maritime Museum, another highlight of a day with great exposition in a plaza del 22 Mayo. It was rather interesting to learn about the seamen and captains of Chile and suddenly all the names of the places and streets made sense 🙂



I decided to take a little boat trip and left Eero to have some espressos near the port. In the wooden boat 2 guys started to hand out really worn out life vests for special guests like children and the ones who can´t swim. So I was not worried that I didn`t get one, even though the water in the ocean is really cold. The boat sailed to the submarine  not far from the coast and back and it was possible to take a closer look at the war ships residing in the bay. A couple of sea lions enjoyed themselves on some kind of floating platform. Every now and then a guy in adidas sports wear jumped out from the cabin and explained about everything in a high speed pace. I recognised some words 🙂 When the boat turned back, another guy made his way on the edge of the boat to the fore like a tightwire dancer and after a quick speech he strated to collect 300 pesos moving between 70 people tightly packed on board. I met with a nice couple from Equador, the gentleman is a professor of history and he finds that his country and Chile are really very similar except that it seems to him that in Chile there are people who do read books.

DSCF0672 (2)

Florentina Daza, 99, a former chilean opera singer having a nice day in Valparaiso.

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