Day 3

It`s Saturday and there are trainings of Mini Compania  in el Circo del Mundo. Suddenly I was invited by Mariella to speak about our circus Folie in Estonia to the group. I had just been following an aerial class for complete beginners, little children and also bigger ones. The children are all the same, I suppose, so shy, just like the Estonians are having hard work through all the name-games. They had 3 trainers for about 10 kids. Also the group of Mini Compania reminds me a lot of our performance group and it felt nice and homey.


Minicompania in the training and their trainer Mariella in the background


This bike is waiting for it`s next training to practice how to carry 9 members of the Minicompania


Social circus of the world 🙂


Big and honourable mats let themselves being transported by the boys of Minicompania.

DSCF0481 (2)

Round of exchange

Young people seemed to be very motivated and interested. Asked a lot of questions. We had a chance to ask our questions as well getting to know the group. Most of them have a dream to become a professional. I think that it is highly possible for the best ones, even though the Chileans tend to think there is not enough circus in the country and that it is also not popular. I am afraid that Estonian youngsters just won`t have the guts to make this choice. Our society is promoting certain way of life which does not include being special. Instead of doing what is important to you, you do what you have to or what is expected. You must be successful. But of course it is hard to be a creative artist worrying at the same time about your success. Maybe Chilean youth has more freedom in their minds.


I truly still hope that I can steal some of those beautiful lemons with my own hand straight from the tree.

In the evening we had a chance to go to a local festival in la Reina to see professional circus. The individual acts were on the side of contemporary circus and some of them were really great. So happy to have seen it – thanks to Nicolas Riviera – and to have met some artists. It seems that most of the circus schools around focus on aerials – that can be seen from the schedules of the circuses.


My good colleague Eero enjoying himself in the beginning of the circus performance.

Nicolas took us to a centre of barrio called Nunos, a nice place with many good restaurants, where we surely enjoyed our dinner again.

DSCF0565 (2)

Food makes us happy, I don`t know why.

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