Day 2

The extremely longlasting day of yesterday was followed by a successful night sleep. The apartement or departemento is on San Isidro street and it is very nice and not expensive. It was only possible to pay cash to the owner, in pesos or in dollars. Some other practicalities: metro costs 720 peso one way, sometimes less and peso to euro is possible to change in the centre for the rate of 750. It is not possible to pay with a card for the metro ticket or a metro card. However, there is a cash machine in our station of Santa Lucia, but it doesn`t like my cards, none of them, at all.

El Circo del Mundo has a full professional study for circus artists. It`s a 3 year course and they take about 20 students. We have been folowing the classes and a theatre exam, which was rather interesting. Also the dance course is just about to end and they will contiunue more with technical skills od their disciplines. It seems to be just like in many schools in Europe, I don`t see any difference, really. The acrobatics warm and conditioning and stretching up is almost exactly the same as in our school on the other side of the world. So, what makes the difference between schools? Is there any difference at all or are we working in kind of a global curriculum? But it must be the best, then 🙂

DSCF0279The school is situated out of the city centre of Santiago, it takes about 20 min by metro to los Pajaritos, plus walking for 10 minutes. I like the office and the surroundings. It seems to be a squatted place awaken alive by circus. Instead of grass wheat and oat (if I am correct) is growing everywhere. The gardeners in Santiagiodo not seem to make any use of the lawnmower. I kind of like it.


We also followed Niltons petit volant class, but I sort of missed my chance to fly a bit, since there was too much to see. There was a large group of young people who had come for a workshop of social circus trying out everything and again doing all the same things that we do. It seemed to be fun, especially the petit volant of course with Nilton. Anyway, usually they teach the group 1 time a week for 4 hrs, out of Santiago. There are other places the school staff goes to do circus. Actually they don`t bring childrens´ groups to the circus so much, the location in los Pajaritos is really mainly for the professionals.









Later on we got back to the centre and climbed a small mountain, I would say, of Santa Lucia, for views of the big ugly city buildings framed with magnificent mountains. Then took a long walk in the barrio of Bellavista, crossing the river into the colourful suburb and on to the more sophisticated area just on the other side of the river from the Plaza Italia. In the lively steets of cafes we were able to find an excellent restaurant which I could suggest immediately. It is called Matilde and it is on the roof of a six-storied building. We hit the sunset and food and drinks couldn´t be any better. The tallest building of South America, the Costanera center,  was beatufully lit up in the distance. I was really happy that my food didn´t consist of a half-kilo meat piece with fries (even though it can be so tasty). Instead we had a cut of tuna on top of kinoa, so beautifully presented. For the moment I felt that everything is perfect.



Raphael, this is for you – Eero is working, at least that`s what he says 🙂

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